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Trust Who You Work With

Selecting an agent you can trust is invaluable.  If getting the lowest priced insurance policy is sufficient to protect your personal assets and the needs of your family, then a phone or website purchase might fill the bill. However in most cases, an experienced agent who is working for your best interests will be in a better position to personally review and analyze your actual needs. In a personal, face-to-face interview and evaluation, we will better serve your real needs rather than trying to fit you into a "basic" or "inexpensive" policy.

Instead of dealing with a general processing clerk, with the State Street Insurance Agency you will be working with a thoughtful and caring professional team that has the ability to discuss your unique needs directly with the insurance underwriter and work with them to tailor your policy to fit those (your) needs.

Most important, if you have a claim, we are available to act as your personal advocate when resolving a settlement. It is essential for a quick and fair settlement to present all the proper information, and present it in a systematic way. State Street Insurance Agency has the experience to help you prepare the claim effectively, and assist with any follow up requests.

It is with these strongly held beliefs that we invite you to talk to us about making sure you have insurance coverage that is sufficient to:

• Protect you and your family.
• Accomplish your goals.
• Maintain a cost that is realistic for your needs and budget.

Letter from Scott Richardson

Don't Get Burned By Insurance Agents, Agencies, and Companies That Undersell Policies and Compromise Your Coverage!

Dear Consumer,

We formed the State Street Insurance Agency because we saw a need for the consumer to have an advocate in the insurance buying process. We've seen prospective clients paying too little or too much money for coverage that doesn't give them the protection they needed. Therefore, our objective is to inform, educate, and ensure that each policyholder (you) is not short changed should they (you) need to place a claim.

Unfortunately, in an effort to save money, some consumers are tempted to buy insurance from providers that sell policies over the Internet or from discount providers. Too often these consumers buy policies that are written to the lowest "average" requirement and without consideration of their (your) special needs. This happens, in part, because most people don't see their needs as "special" and aren't educated about their specific coverage needs and requirements. They simply want the lowest price and many companies are happy to oblige. They don’t care how you are covered just give you a policy. Have you ever had your insurance explained to you?

That's where the State Street Insurance Agency can help you. We are not some faceless voice on the other end of the phone line or some automated response on a computer screen. We build a relationship with our customers. We have been a part of the Bellingham community for over 31 years. We want to make an effort to fulfill your own needs, not just make another insurance policy sale to meet a sales quota. By getting to know you on a personal level, by seeing your home, vehicles and family up close, we get a better sense of the risk in your life's situation that may be beyond the "average" policy terms.

All of this is consistent with our professional commitment to serving our client's best interests. We see our clients (you) for the people you are. They (you) are families or individuals, with real risk that require protection from unexpected losses. As a result, most of our clients become very good friends. We have earned, and value, their (your) trust.

We hope you enjoy The State Street Insurance experience!

Scott Richardson
President State Street Insurance


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